More pre-trip food experiments

Experimenting with making **both** soup and something thick (“second course”) using just a wok and a ladle. I’ve looked up this technique at the Indian Embassy. What you see here is but a whimpy imitation. But fundamentally works using a wok although an almost flat sheet of metal my Indian colleague used would be better. ANYBODY KNOWS AT LEAST HOW IT IS CALLED? OR WHERE TO GET IT? I remembered to take this photo after having eaten most of what I made. Based on what I was able to come up cooking a meal for 4-5 should be no problem. To make the soup look and taste different from the solid part I could probably throw in some greens. Or those eating could themselves chose how liquid or solid they want. Actually yes, I think I’ll encourage the self-serve style. I’ve been among Russkies long enough to myself adopt the habit of deciding how much you are going to eat and loading your plate. One of many of my compatriots’ habits that I find highly – extremely – annoying. In my little cafe it is strictly self-service. Another wok will have chopped greens. A one kilowatt heater easily brought half a wok of water to boil at +17C and moderate wind. Once ingredients are thrown in it takes no more than 15 minutes till full readiness. Looks promising as the main technique for staying slightly over-fed even when away from civilization.

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