As my small and most humble contribution to reducing information clutter floating around the infospace I've turned off, installed redirects, or simply killed sites that haven't brought me or anyone else any business or pleasure.

What's left

  • kANDALAKSHA & THE kOLA pENINSULA This is were I presently put 2/3 of my effort. The point is to open Kandalaksha and area (all and especially the South edge of the Kola Peninsula, northern Karelia, a bit of Finland and perhaps Norway, and the route from Moscow to here) to the independent and adventurous English-speaking traveller, and of course to make a few kopecks by offering my support and assistance as trip organizer, fixer or whatever. That's why below I'm inserting a banner although myself I'm not exactly a fan of this style of advertising. New: The project failed to attract any clients but in February 2014

    Feb. 24 2014. I managed to dupe someone into putting a considerable financial and an even greater human resource into and a couple of other projects. Now I even got a real journalist in my employ! Lots of new stuff coming up in the next two months in our renewed effort to take Kandalaksha and area off the ground. (I HONESTLY WARNED THE FELLOW THERE IS EVERY EVIDENCE THE COUNTRY IS OFF TO HELL BUT HE STILL WANTS TO LOSE HIS PITTANCE CREATIVELY SO I SHUT UP.)

  • English TUTORING Once in a while I do a few intensive English lessons. Whatever on the subject of teaching English to my compatriots comes to my attention gets dumped in
  • WWW.UNCLEPASHA.COM I'll keep this site, started in 1996-1997, because it is size and age and ranking although to some it may appear as a mess suggesting there is more disorder between my ears than there really is.

If you are not seeing what you came here for, by all means write to with a copy to Chances are good I'll be able to give a meaningful answer to any question related to travelling to, living, working, or doing business in Russia, or recommend someone who will. "Making YOUR Russia Safe, Predictable, Friendly, Inexpensive, and even FUN since 1994" remains the slogan that reflects my humble outfit's contribution to world economy. "No job too small, few too weird" also captures the essence of what I do.

Other projects for which I provide support, mostly technical

  • WWW.KOLA.GALLERY  March 2014. We've been hired by the local arts and crafts community to make a platform for them to display their paintings and what not. Crafts, book, anything that's beyond life's bare necessities is considered "art" and is welcomed. Mostly a Russian project but very visual and thus accessible regardless of language, and there will probably be an English summary. Also texts are written in proper Russian either by me or Alexandra and thus easily submit to on-line translator.
  • WWW.DVORNI.COM An condominium community site.
  • WWW.RUSSIANGIRLFRIDAY.COM  Errands, support services to travellers, even "Russian bride" searches and advice. The owner is not updating it but services offered are all valid.
  • WWW.UNCLEPASHA.COM/HORSES_BLOG/ Horseback rides and trips in the Tver region. My former project, now under a totally different management except for occasional help from me with the site, or interacting with foreign travellers for whatever reason want to venture into the "real" countryside.
  • WWW.ALEXANDRA-GORYASHKO.NET History, particularly of the northern research stations. Extensive, detailed and perceptive travel notes (but most of them are in Russian). Alexandra will welcome enquiries from those with a serious interest in history or nature. I confess that when I get requests for information searches I often pass them on to Alexandra. Flawless written English too but she won't speak out of stubborness.
  • WWW.KANDALAKSHA-RESERVE.ORG Kandalaksha nature reserve. Used to be the reserve's official site. Now the project is nearly-frozen but keeping the site up remains my responsibility.



Background for this page
has been kindly provided
by a dead jellyfish
washed ashore sometime in August 2012
in the vicinity of Kuzomen,
South edge of the Kola peninsula.