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- Thorough knowledge of the Russian environment. Understaning the needs and challenges that face western travellers to Russia.

- Translating and interpreting. Well-versed in technical subjects. Able to do simultaneous.

- Website administration, content development, and promotion, full cycle, since 1997, with 12 sites under my care at present.

- Property management. Operated a small country retreat and a horse-riding establishment for 10 years. Provided horse riding and handling lessons, organized trips. Kitchen management and cooking, including food preparation under field conditions.

- Imprinted with defensive Canadian driving style in 1981. Nearly 20 accident free years on Russian roads under a variety of conditions.

- Many technical/mechanical/manual skills that include welding, forging, horse shoeing, basic car repairs, electric work, plumbing etc. etc.  


- Home office in the center of Moscow. 

- Attention filming crews and deep tourism enthusiasts! I own a 4WD truck and a camper equipped for autonomous living and working in the field.

- An extensive network of contacts throughout Russia. Among my friends and associated on whom I can rely are lawyers, accountants, archive professionals, journalists, auto enthusiasts, artists, welders, dog breeders, educators.. 



- 1994 to present. Self-employed. Translating, interpreting, and editing. English teaching. Immigration interview preparation (1997-2004, over 90% success rate for my clients while the average was under 50%). Comprehensive traveller support, from trip planning to visa arrangements to registration to catering to clients with special needs and interests.

- 2001-2010. Established and managed a horse-riding operation in the Tver region. Organized numerous “alternative” trips for writers, researchers, film makers, and people interested in rural Russia for personal reason.


- Instructor, community college, 1991 – 1993. Taught physics, math, English and General Science to continuing education students.

- Radio station researcher, 1990 – 1991. Library/archive research, mostly on environmental/social issues. Some general production: script writing, editing tapes, conducting interviews etc.

- Research assistant, University of Western Ontario, 1985 – 1988. A project on the biochemistry of marine algae. Gained extensive practical familiarity with a wide range of laboratory, analytical and research techniques (e.g. culture maintenance, chromatography, UV-spectrophotometry). A new substance of importance to algal osmoregulation identified.


-    Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1964. Relocated to Canada in 1981. Attended the University of Western Ontario (B.Sc., Biology, 1988) In 1994 moved back to Moscow and established myself as a freelance translator and consultant in the language, information, and communication field.

- From 1999 to about 2010 running a rural/alternative tourism project in the Tver region. Consider this to be the period of my life when I truly learned what’s what and reached maturity.

- Since 2009 back in Moscow, actively working with tourists, especially clients with special needs.


- Stress/danger/discomfort tolerant.

- Able to work long hours.

- A rough'n'go traveller. Visa-free access to FSU countries and most places around the world.

- Simple tastes. Sending me places can be very inexpensive, and I actually *prefer* it that way.

- Not a leader, not a team player, no ambitions or career aspirations.


- www.unclepasha.com - Blog, mostly personal.

- www.cheap-moscow.com - Rooms and apartments for rent.

- www.where.cheap-moscow.com – My guide to Moscow.

- www.staritsa.info - Gold Ring, Moscow to St. Petersburg, Karelia, Kola peninsula.

- www.moscowdrivers.net - English-speaking drivers. Professionals from among my colleagues/acquaintances.